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Sculpture conservation studio

 The Sculpture Conservation Studio was established in 1997, and since 2008 it is housed in the National Glyptotheque. Its aim is the conservation, restoration, protection and promotion of the sculpture collection, which consists of works made by Greek, mainly, artists, by both traditional and modern materials. The collection also includes an important number of original plaster sculptures and casts, which are especially taken care of.

The methodology followed for the conservation of the sculptures starts with checking their condition and the determination of their decay agents, for which, physicochemical analytical techniques or examination methods are often used. Then, modern techniques and suitable materials are applied for the conservation of the works. The laboratory is fully equipped with the necessary devices and tools for the conservation of contemporary sculpture, has a gas –dust absorbing system installed and a special cabinet for the storage of chemicals.

The laboratory has already participated in two research programmes concerning the cleaning of plaster works and casts using laser technologies, as well as to a programme concerning the effect of atmospheric pollutants on the deterioration of outdoor sculptures. The research interests of the laboratory include the effect of the particulate matter on sculptures in the museum environment and the study of protecting materials for bronze sculptures.



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